Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thursday 12 July 1280, Afternoon (We Know Where Mackey Lives)

Gaven says:  "I think we should go east, we know that is where Mackey resides." The cleric steps up to lead the way with his shield and spear, keeping a sharp eye out for traps.

Duran agrees with Gaven and draws an arrow, notching it as he prepares to follow Gaven.

"Let's move on then," concurs Oloc. "Maybe we will not have any need for the reinforcements after all!" The Mage then draws two daggers and readies himself for what may come. He falls in line behind the other party members.

Agreeing with the others, Varros readies his bow and proceeds along with them.

Ignoring the passage to the north, you make your way stealthily down the tunnel to the east. Gaven spies no traps, and you arrive without incident at another cavern with a few bits of rubble, small stones, and dust scattered around the floor. The air is not as damp and cool as it was when you were near the pool.

There are no signs that this chamber is used for anything more than a passageway. You can see multiple lines of footprints in the dust, running back and forth from the cavern entrance where you are standing to an exit in the northeast of the area. The outgoing tunnel at that exit appears to run due north.

You notice again the faintest glow of torch or firelight coming in through the far exit, and you can barely perceive the sound of voices coming from off in the distance in that direction. You cannot make out the sense of the conversation due to the distance and distortion of echoes. But based on what you can hear of intonation and voicing, they do sound human.

The Red Arrow indicates the Free Company's current location and direction of movement.


OOC: Actions?


  1. Oloc - Mage

    "I suggest we rush in," whispers Oloc as quietly as he can. "We should be able to surprise them and perhaps catch them completely off guard. What say you?"

    The Mage will try and convince the others of the soundness of his plan. Should the others concur, Oloc will join the others in the attack by rushing around the corner and tossing his daggers.

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven listens to Oloc's suggestion then whispers, "the other alternative is to try and sneak a peek to see what we're up against. Whatever is decided upon, I will take rear guard so as not to alert the bandits to our sneak attack by my armor."

    OOC: Gaven does not have a preference for which action. He will do what the rest decide.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    "If there is a way to sneak a look before rushing in I think that would be best. Perhaps if we can stay hidden I can surprise them with several arrows before the rest of you rush in," say Duran.

    OOC: If it seems possible to peek without being seen and the others agree Duran will do so. Also if the others agree Duran can try and take down a guard or two before the others rush in with his bow. If not he will draw his axe and rush in with the others.