Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thursday 5 July 1280, Just after Nightfall (Starting North)

Gaven says to the group alone: "I would like to see this through, but I understand if the rest of you do not. I say we put it to a vote. I vote we take on the scouting mission."

"Agreed, Gaven," replies Varros. "I also will second Belloc's plan."

"I will go along with Belloc's plan as well," says Oloc. "But I do not wish to venture too far ahead. The goblin host would make quick work of us, I fear. And we are getting closer to the ruins, slowly but surely," he adds with a wink.

Duran then addresses Belloc:  "The plan is fine with us Captain. We should move out with the farmers and make sure they find a good defensive position. From there we can quickly find the Goblin raiding party."

Before moving out, Varros discusses the matter of the halflings, the bandits and the keep with Belloc. The captain listens attentively, and says "This is grave news as well. When this goblin business is done I shall have to increase the number of patrols on the road. As for the keep, well...that is another matter. Even my men won't go in there. But that is something for us to worry about tomorrow." And with that Belloc climbs on his horse again and prepares his men for their next march.

Soon you have checked your gear and gotten the farmers ready to move as well. You anticipate a march of about two hours to reach the midway point where Belloc suggested you post the farmers, and about three to four hours before your scouting party reaches the burning farms.

Before leaving the inn, Gaven turns one last time to Filbert: "Rest well and heal up and once this is done, we can hunt some bandits."

The wounded halfling nods in appreciation.

As you are ready to move out, Harlon, who has been serving food to the farmers throughout this discussion, hands you each a small bundle of bread and dried fruits and cheese, so that you might take your evening meal on the march. "May the Light go with you," he says.

It is 8 pm as you set out. But the waxing three-quarter moon which has risen provides you with plenty of light to see.

About an hour north of the inn, you come to a low rise overlooking, from the west, your line of march. On the crest of the rise is a shadowy figure – so immobile that at first you think it might be a statue. But as you march nearer, you see that the figure is clearly alive, humanoid, elvish. She stands on the rise staring over your heads. As best you can tell, her attention is focused on the moon which is now somewhat higher than when you had left.

About twenty to thirty yards off now, the female elf seems to pay no attention to you and your band of fifteen farmers, intent instead on the moon, or whatever she is looking at, up in the eastern sky.

The farmers seem to recognize her, and an uncomfortable hush falls on them. "Maggie, the Moon-Witch," says Eric. "Do not look at her. She is in league with evil magic. But if we do not disturb her, perhaps she will leave us well enough alone."

Ahead on the horizon, you still see the orange glow of fires set by the goblins.


OOC: Actions?


  1. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven's ears prick up at the mention of 'evil magic', but he pauses, reflects, and sighs to himself, "An investigation must wait until the current threat is over, but..."

    Gaven slowly approaches Maggie and removes his helm so that he has his shield in one hand and helm in the other.

    "Dear moon maiden, surely you know of the goblins destruction of the forest. These farmers of the land wish to drive them away. If these are your lands as well, surely you do too. Do you have any insight into their plans? We plan to thwart their efforts and any aid to limit death and destruction would be greatly appreciated."

    Gaven bows in deference.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    Duran stays with the farmers and lets Gaven speak with Maggie. He keeps his bow at the ready for any sign of trouble.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    Varros will follow Duran's lead.

  4. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc is very curious about Maggie, perhaps a kindred spirit in the magical arts. Thoughts immediately go to his former mentor, and the persecution she endured. He greets the elf warmly, introduces himself, and listens as she responds to Gaven's query.