Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday 6 July 1280, Just Past Midnight (Following the Goblins Northwest)

Varros looks to the sky and calls to Karnak loudly, holding out his arm to provide a perch, with the other hand he readies a piece of meat. Turning to Oloc he says "Perhaps you can make a tiny note to attach to Karnak stating that the host is moving to the Northwest?"

"That sounds like a plan Varros," says Duran. "After you send Karnak we should continue to track the Goblins."

Oloc agrees with the plan and takes out a small piece of parchment. He scribbles a short note with the key information for Belloc. Thinking about it, Varros also asks Oloc to include the news that the party will continue to trail the goblins from a safe distance and provide updates.

Once finished Oloc folds up the paper and hands it to Varros. "Let's hope he gets it."

While Oloc writes and folds the message, Karnak descends and alights on Varros' arm. It appears he is growing quite accustomed to Varros, and seems perfectly at ease at the fighter's wrist.

Varros gives the command to Karnak to return to Belloc and asks him to return with a plan. Varros also asks Karnak to respond if he understands. The raven cocks his head, and surprises you somewhat, as he gives what looks like a nod and a wink before taking off in a flutter of black feathers.

As Karnak flies away, Gaven says: "Let us trail the main host to the northwest."

You check your gear before departing, and Duran readies his bow as the party heads off following the trail. Though you all are weary, you feel you have a few hours' good marching left in you before fatigue begins to actually take a toll.


With the buring farm behind, the long shadows it casts gradually blend into the darkness of the fields. Soon the moonlight is once more your source of illumination, and it provides plenty of light for following the ground trampled by a host of goblins. The night is also quieted once again, as very quickly even the crackling of the flames can no longer be heard. There is only the noise of the night insects.

About forty-five minutes' march to the northwest, you come upon a low, wide looming shadow in front of you – one of the wide spaces of scrub spotting these fields that Belloc mentioned in your first coversation. The goblin host's path leads straight into this broad space of densely packed gnarled trees, maybe twice as tall as a man, intermixed with harsh-looking, chin-high bushes with wicked four-inch thorns, and tall, weedy grasses. With the shadows cast by the moonlight, it is difficult to see anything inside the miles-wide patch, other than the well-trampled goblin trail that plunges clearly straight into the middle of the rough vegetation, disappearing into darkness after about thirty feet or so.

Otherwise you see nothing, and hear less. Even the insects that whispered during your march have now fallen silent.


OOC:  Actions?


  1. Really interesting stuff, the last picture would make an awesome poster

  2. OOC: Is it possible to go around the forest?

    1. OOC: It's difficult to tell at night just how wide the area is but, from what you can see, it's probably about a mile in each direction (to your right and left). However, you cannot see how far area of scrubby forest goes forward (straight ahead). You're pretty sure you could go around but at what cost in time you can't be sure.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    Varros looks to the Free Company, "I believe Duran and I scout ahead 100 span and the rest follow, if we move slowly and use our cloaks we should be able to move unobtrusively ahead and any rearguard we encounter will be at the mercy of our bows. Agreed?"

    OOC I believe Varros and Duran have decent dex and Duran should be adept in the woods, how about we slow our movement rate to a cautious level and act as point?

  4. Duran - Fighter

    "That plans sounds fine to me Varros. I believe it would take to long to go around this obstacle."

    OOC: The path that has been trample by the goblins, is there enough room for us to walk through two by two and use our bows?

    1. OOC: Definitely plenty of room, at least from what you can see. The goblins were none too gentle going in, so the path is quite wide -- about 20' wide, which would be enough for all six of you to stand abreast. You'd have no trouble adopting any formation you wanted.

  5. Gaven - cleric

    "I do not like the looks of this forest. We will be at a disadvantage, especially if we need torches*?" Gaven sighs as he looks for the edge of the forest, "But I see no other way to complete our mission. I will guard the rear, since I am likely to be noisiest. Perhaps it would be best to call Karnak to stay with us? I'm not sure he would be able to see us once we are in the woods."

    OOC: Will the moonlight penetrate into the forest? What will our visibility be without torches?

    1. OOC: Moonlight will give you illumination, about 30' radius, so you wouldn't need torches.

    2. OOC: Moonlight will give you illumination, about 30' radius, so you wouldn't need torches.

  6. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc frowns as the others consider entering the dark, tangled mass. "If you think it best to enter, I will defer to your judgement. My guess is the gobs have some home or camp therein. We will be at a disadvantage."