Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thursday 5 July 1280, Near Midnight (Smoldering Outbuilding)

Gaven notices the revulsion on Oloc's face and says, "What did you feel when you felt the ribbon. I felt a ... gentle caress... Do you think the ribbon is magical?"

Gaven stares at the moon a moment and then says, "From Eric's description of the murders and Maggie's staring at the moon, it would seem her being a werewolf is a possibility. I think we should be careful if we are out in these woods next week."

Gaven says to Oloc, "Since it seems the ribbon makes you sick, but not me, and Maggie left it at my feet, I will hold on to the ribbon for now. Perhaps Abbot Cuthbert will have some insight once we get back to Fairbrook."

Gaven places the ribbon in his backpack.

Oloc fights off the strange feeling of revulsion. " Yes, it is best that you keep the ribbon. I felt she knew me, but now I don't know what to think." he shakes off the last effects and the turns his attention to the scene in front of him.

"It is doubtful there are survivors here, but we should search the ruins."

For the most part it is impossible to get near the still burning structures. However, one or two small out-buildings to the east – evidently where the first fires were set, have burned down enough that you can come in closer. They don't reveal much, however, though you do manage to spot one corpse in the easternmost shed. Much of the body is burned away, and all gear has been stripped off or burned away, but enough of the body remains for you to recognize it as a goblin.

But even with a slightly closer of examination of the buildings you can approach, it is still impossible to say what happened to the farm's inhabitants. Karnak continues to circle above you, illuminated by the flames in the dark sky. But he gives you no indication of seeing anything out of the ordinary.

The tracks, upon closer examination, are quite clearly a single path, moving from the southeast – where you first spotted smoke earlier (and still see flames) – probably Timm's farm – here to the Bruce farm. There is quite a bit of chaotic "running about" in the tracks that you can see amidst the flaming buildings before a coherent path starts again, indicating a more "orderly" march to the northwest. The tracks show further a "mass" trampling of the ground. They were definitely not made by just a scout or two, but probably made by a host the size of the one Dirtbag mentioned.

After examining the farm and the tracks, Gaven says to the others, "Light, it seems Belloc was wrong about the goblins march and now he is completely out of position. Should we risk splitting the group to inform Belloc or perhaps go back to the farmers and have them inform Belloc?"

"It seems there is nothing we can do here until these flames die down" says Duran "We should follow the path NW until we can locate the main Goblin body."


OOC:  Re-reading earlier posts, I realized I didn't make it clear that you do still have Karnak as a resource, should you need or want him to deliver a message (it was sort of half-suggested but not overtly stated -- my oversight).


So far current proposals seem to be pursuing the goblin host or informing Belloc now that they (the goblins) are headed northwest.


  1. Gaven - cleric

    "Let us trail the main host to the northwest."

    Ooc: I definitely misread the previous post and thought the goblins went southeast.

  2. Varros - fighter

    Varros lookoks to the sky and calls to Karnak loudly, holding out his arm to provide a perch, with the other hand he readies a piece of meat. Turning to Oloc he says "Perhaps you can make a tiny note to attach to Karnak stating that the host is moving to the Northwest?"

    OOC: assuming Karnak comes and we can attach the note, Varros will give the command to Karnak to return to Belloc and ask him to return with a plan. Thinking about it Varros will also ask Oloc to include the news that the party will continue to trail the goblins from a safe distance and provide updates. Varros will ask Karnak to respond if he understands.

    OOC: I realize Karnak is Gerry smart but I also know we may be testing his abilities. But he has proven quite intelligent thus far.

    1. OOC: Karnak will come down to you, and he should have no trouble understanding you want him to take the note to Belloc.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    "That sounds like a plan Varros. After you send Karnak we should continue to track the Goblins."

    Duran will ready his bow as they head off following the trail.

  4. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc agrees with the plan and takes out a small piece of parchment. He scribbles a short note with the key information for Belloc. Once finished he folds up the paper and hands to Varros. "Let's hope he gets it."

  5. Copy/Pasted from email:

    Gaven - cleric

    "Let us trail the main host to the northwest."

    Ooc: I definitely misread the previous post and thought the goblins went southeast.