Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thursday 12 July 1280, Midday (A Long Stifling Wait)

Gaven examines the map of the cave and says, "If we enter, I say we fortify the first storage area. That way we cut off their water supply and can make them come to us through the narrow hallway. With that said, falling back is also a good idea. I do not like the idea of going head long into enemy controlled area. "

Varros replies: "Hmmm, cutting off their water supply is a good idea, Gaven. I like the plan. Retreat is also possible if we do this. As much as I hate to attack them in their own base of operations, I fear that if we don't that they will regroup, fortify and be on the alert for the foreseeable future. We have to consider the fact that we have most likely cut their numbers and scared them badly at this point. Personally, I would rather be in our position than theirs in this engagement."

"Cutting their water supply off sounds like a good idea, perhaps then we can draw them out to fight us on our terms," says Duran.

"It is you all that will need to handle the frontline in an engagement. If you do not feel comfortable with the fight, then I say let us fall back," Oloc offers. "We can return at another point or we can pass on what we have done here and leave the rest to Belloc and Alanna to handle as they see fit."

The company considers this for a while, and comes to the conclusion that cutting off the water supply, even if possible, might take some days. The idea is dropped but no one is keen to simply go charging into the cave recklessly.

"I do not think we should go into attack. The numbers are not in our favor," says Gaven. Gaven looks at the opening of the cave and muses to everyone, "Do you think we can close off the entrance to the cave so that it would be difficult to impossible to escape?"

The cleric reasons that this way the bandits could be locked in and the party can go back to town, rest and get reinforcements, maybe buy a hunting dog, if available, to track the bandits if they somehow escape the cave.

"While my bow finger is itching for battle, I must admit that to fall back for now would be the wise choice," says Duran. The fighter indicates he would to fall back but also likes Gaven's suggestions to block the entrance to the cave or set a trap.

Again the party considers the idea from all angles, and it is decided that the entrance tunnel is just too large to blockade. Even though materials are abundant, there is no way to make any blockage permanent.

Varros hesitates at the possibility of retreating: "My instincts tell me to push on, however I must accede to the wishes of the Company." Varros calls to Karnak and feeds him again while thinking.

The idea occurs to him that the party could send a copy of the cave layout and a note to Allana, asking for reinforcements. He calculates it might take upward of six hours before additional men could get there, if they came at all. But presumably, Alanna would respond by sending Karnak back to the group, and the party could at least have an answer from her in about an hour.

Duran perks up at this idea and suggests the party could take up positions blockading the cave themselves, ready to pounce if anything comes out, while waiting the hour for a response from Alanna. Once the party hears back from Allana via Karnak, a decision can be made to either wait for reinforcements or move on.

Oloc and Gaven readily give their consent to this idea.

"It seems like we are agreed on this plan," says Varros. "I also suggest we take up defensive positions. We have to consider that a wandering monster attack may be inevitable."

At this suggestion most of the party take up a sort of hedgehog position, ready to take on enemies in both directions – forward, coming out of the cave, as well as backward, coming up to the cave from behind.

Oloc swiftly puts quill to parchment, copies the map, and sets down all the vital details of the party's situation. The message is quickly attached to Karnak's leg, and Varros sends the raven at full speed back to Allana.

Oloc and Varros in their turn take up hidden, protected positions like everyone else, and the company settles in for the wait.

Nearly an hour passes in total silence, and the last bits of burning wood in the tunnel entrance burn down to a mere smolder. You can see somewhat into the cave once more, but nothing reveals itself. As the time goes by, the heat and stuffiness of the forest grows heavier. You expect Karnak should arrive at any moment.

Suddenly you hear a foul oath from a gruff voice echo out from the cave, followed by the command: "Clear that wood out of there and drag those bodies back in here! Sons of a Succubus! Some cowardly peasant militia from Ham's Fork must have found their way down here and thought they could smoke me out! No doubt Alanna put them up to it, too. By all the shadows, I'll cut her throat for this!"

Clearly more afraid of the shouting voice within the cave than whatever might still be without, a man in a crimson cloak exits and starts pushing the smoldering branches aside with a 10' pole. You can't be certain, but the cloaked man could be the one you briefly glimpsed in the entrance earlier.


OOC: Actions?

Time is 1:00 p.m. 

Here again is the image of the surroundings of the cave entrance. The guy who just came out is standing right around the position marked "1." This might be helpful in describing your actions. Again, the red lines are 70' range bands (corresponding to the range bands of the long bow).


  1. Gaven - cleric

    Will wait to see if one of the archers opens fire.

  2. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc quietly draws out his dagger but waits to see what the fighters do. He doesn't want to force the party's hand.

    ooc: Oloc also holds his action, awaiting the actions of the archers.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Duran holds his fire for now. He observes the man working and waits to see if anyone else comes out of the cave to help him.

    OOC: Duran's intent is that by inaction they may think we have all gone and send more people out to help clean up. However, if the man gets to close to anyone in the group or spots anyone then Duran will fire immediately with his bow.

  4. Varros - Fighter

    Varros will follow Duran's lead and wait until he feels that they have the most targets availible to engage. Varros will also keep an eye out for Karnak.