Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thursday 12 July 1280, Afternoon (Down the Path, Outside the Cave, Moment of Truth)


Oloc quickly sizes up the situation. The mage strongly doubts there are more than 2-3 men at the most. "My name is Oloc, I'm Mackey's brother. These men are my traveling companions. I bring word to Mackey from our mother."

With that Oloc takes out his Magic Missile scroll. "But I'm afraid we cannot make out this map."

Under his breath, Oloc tells the hirelings "Stand firm, I am sure they are few."

Oloc will unfurl the scroll slowly. "Can you help?"


Duran takes a quick drink of water and bit to eat from his trail rations and then repositions himself, waiting for someone to exit the cave.

Having meditated and prayed to the Light, Gaven begins preparing wolvesbane for when night comes.

Suddenly, Varros seems to pick up the sound of Oloc's voice. It surprises him that the mage isn't being more quiet.


Down the path, a dead silence hangs in the air for a moment after Oloc finishes speaking.

Then there is a low and quite unfriendly laugh as a tall, muscular hobgoblin with a loaded crossbow steps out from the foliage, pointing his weapon at Oloc. The hobgoblin wears a thick leather cuirasse and heavy vambraces.

"Mackey's brother, eh?" he says. "I figure the authorities will be almost as glad to get their hands on you as they'd be to get your sibling. So you can decide whether your mum is going to have a boy hanged by the guard in Ham's Fork today, or shot dead by a bounty hunter in Blackleaf. It's your choice – I'll get paid the same either way. I'd prefer it though, if you laid your weapons down and came along quietly with us. It's always easier that way."


OOC: Actions?

I took the liberty of not having Oloc burn the spell right away, having the hobgoblin speak as he made himself visible. If you still want to fire off the magic missile, sonofotho, just say the word.

For everyone else, since Varros has heard Oloc's voice (I assumed that Oloc would not make an effort to be particularly quiet in his speech), you now have an opening to be curious about the noise and logically investigate if you so choose.

Hear noise roll to pick up Oloc's speech (1-2 on d6 = success)

Duran rolls 4 fail
Varros rolls 2  success
Gaven rolls 5 fail


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc laughs out loud at the predicament (of his own making) that he finds himself in. He lowers the scroll slowly and shakes his head.

    "Look, I know this sounds crazy, but I was bluffing. I thought you were some of Mackey's men returning to the hideout." He raises his hands slowly. "We're on the same side here. We're working for Belloc and Alanna - they've sent men to back us up. They're on their way now."

    Oloc motions to the others to stay calm. "The rest of my party is at the mouth of the cave. How about we talk calmly about how we can work together to get Mackey, yeah?"

  2. Duran -Fighter

    OOC: Since Duran didn't hear the noise he will follow Varros' lead on this.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    Varros will let the others know he suspects something is amiss as soon as he is feasibly able. He will suggest they move on Oloc's position quietly with bows at the ready.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will follow the others and will act as rear guard equipped with shield and spear