Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The West Kingdom

The West Kingdom, ruled by Berenger II, is a vast land, difficult to control. Its isolated towns are bastions of relative peace and order. The King's soldiers patrol the roads as best they can. But the woods, hills, ruins and caves remain untamed. From these regions, the minions of chaos come forth to menace the folk of Berenger's realm. With resources stretched, the King's men are fortunate to simply hold the settlements and byways. Only small companies of roving adventurers press the attack into the dark places where the enemies of the Kingdom abide. Fairbrook is where the story begins for one such band.

For more information on the West Kingdom, rules and house rules, posting procedures, and PC information, please click on the links in the column to the right.


  1. I like your setup. Simple but asking to be explored.

  2. Thanks Dan. As you probably know, I like simple. Justify the presence of adventurers in the world and set them loose. :)

  3. Comments Copy/Pasted from a Deleted Post:

    Dan Feb 9, 2012 04:46 PM

    I had a brief look over the rules today and like what I see. Lots of room for you to run the game as you want but while still giving us the freedom in adventures.

    Unless you are pre-generating characters I am hoping to get in as a fighter type who specializes in bow and arrow. But I am sure there will be more on that later after you line up players.

    Bard Feb 9, 2012 06:14 PM

    Nope, no pregenerated characters. Basically I'll send everyone their ability scores, and then each player can swap any to s/he wants (if any). This should allow each player to take on any type of character s/he desires. And I'm trying to design this so that there is no specific need to be any particular mix of classes. Everybody can be whichever class from the rules s/he wants to be.

  4. On a totally unrelated note I saw this picture online and thought of you. :)


  5. LOL, even I'm not that crazy! :)