Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thursday 12 July 1280, Afternoon (What Swede Has to Say for Himself)

Gaven takes a long drink of water after binding his wounds. Before standing up to survey the situation, Gaven says a prayer of thanks to the Light for allowing his survival of what he thought were grievious wounds. Standing, Gaven stretches a bit to test his work. Once he satisfactorily fixes them he retrieves his spear and moves behind Swede with his club in his hand.

Oloc walks over to Swede and shakes his head."This was all unnecessary. Your men now lie dead because you wouldn't listen to me."

Swede looks at his dead companions and grunts.

The big hobgoblin sets the butt of his crossbow on the ground, so that it points up in the air, targeting no one. "So," he says, "What now?"

The Mage calls out (not TOO loudly) to the hirelings, hoping they'll hear him. Stan, who had already made contact with Duran, arrives just as Oloc calls out. The mage directs Stan to retrieve his weapons and Oloc does the same.

Turning to the others, Oloc adds. "We still have some time before the reinforcements arrive. I suggest we bind Swede and form up into a tighter defensive position. Perhaps Karnak can stay aloft as an eye in the sky for us, should any more unwanted visitors approach."

Putting his axe away and drawing his bow, Duran nods in agreement with Oloc's plan as he keeps a watchful eye on the Swede.

"Perhaps the noise we have made will draw a few fellows out of the cave that we can waylay," he adds hoping to put a positive spin on what has just happened.

Varros nods in agreement with Duran at Oloc's plan. He then calls to Karnak and praises him while rewarding him with a bit of meat. "Karnak, if you continue to prove your mettle so often you may find yourself too fat to fly!"

The raven affectionately nips Varros' finger, then takes off, evidently understanding his own role in Oloc's proposed plan.

Varros then offers to take a look at Swede's wounds and bind them, but the hobgoblin raises a hand to indicate his ministrations are not needed.

Varros continues: "Swede, you now find yourself in quite the predicament, what do you propose we do with you? I for one know that our companion Gaven would just as soon smash your skull to bits with his club."

Gaven looks at the hobgoblin menacingly as Varros mentions his name.  

Varros adds: "Do you have a better suggestion?"

The bounty hunter looks around the group, especially at Oloc. "You'll have no need to bind me," he says rubbing his chest where Oloc's magic missile struck him. "I'll be no trouble." He stands and removes the quarrel from his crossbow. He holds it out for all to see, pinched between his index and thumb, and gently places it into his quiver. Swede looks as sincere and earnest as you imagine a hobgoblin bounty hunter could.

"Besides," he says, "you may actually need me before this is all over. I wouldn't put too much trust in those reinforcements you say Alanna sent you."

Anticipating your question he quickly says: "Oh, they'll come here alright, just as you expect. But you should know that she and Mackey have a history, though she's managed to keep that quiet. And I hear that story hasn't been a pretty one of late. Those reinforcements? I'll wager she's sending you some kind of freelancers, rather than king's men, or I'm a kobold. You can mark my words that no good will come of that."

As Swede utters these last few words, Gweneth, Jack, and Bill wander up to you, and pick up their weapons from the dead hobgoblins at Oloc's instruction. Ollie, however, still has not returned.

You also neither see nor hear any sign of bandit activity.


OOC: Actions?

Swede is still unbound, for the moment, as I figured he would give his "you-don't-need-to-bind-me" statement before you would actually do it. You can, of course, still attempt to bind him anyway. I just didn't know if you'd still want to or not after his statement.

If you have any questions for Swede, just go ahead and send me a list, as usual.

Also, thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it! I'll keep those explantions/clarifications coming then.


  1. Gaven - cleric

    "While I have little reason to trust you hobgoblin. Explain your sullying of Alanna's name. What is her and Mackey's relationship? Why are the freelancers untrustworthy? And why would she deal with the likes of you?

  2. Duran - Fighter

    As the others question the Hobgoblin Duran, bow at the ready, steps into the woods and slowly circles the group keeping an eye out for anything and hoping to find a sign of Ollie.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    "Alright Swede, It appears that we need to work together for now," with this Varros will make introductions and then assist Duran. He will ask Gaven to watch the cave mouth.

  4. Oloc - Mage

    "I am concerned about Ollie's absence." Oloc rubs his chin. "He wasn't wounded was he? Did anyone see what direction he went in?"

    Oloc will help look for the missing lad, but not stray too far afield himself.